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Our custom 'You + Me' packaged film is premium quality AGFA Film. 
This is perfect addition for your reloadable TWB wedding day cameras. 

Simply supply them along with the cameras at your wedding reception, and let your guests do the work on capturing the special memories throughout the night. 

35mm film adds an extra touch of charm to your wedding day photos, perfect for adding to your guest book or photo album. 

The Film Details


Professional Quality 

Superior Indoor/Outdoor Use

35mm Colour Print Film 

Extra Sharp 

Brighter, richer colour

Fine Grain, Wide Exposure Latitude

Daylight-Balanced Colour Negative FilmRich

Saturation, Optimized Skin Tones


24 exposures

Comes with customised TWB box.

How to Use

Simply load your TWB wedding camera with our 35mm film. Once you capture 24 exposures you will be able to have your film developed in any image size you like.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I get my film developed?
We would recommend googling local film developers in your area. Otherwise there are many reputable online film developers that you will be able to send your film to.
How many rolls of film do you recommend?
The sky is the limit! This really depends on how many still memories you would like your guests to capture on your day. Our tip // place a few rolls of film on each table to encourage guests to fill the camera and get snapping.

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