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Our shorter style sparklers have a 45 second burn time. Recommended to use for moments where a long burn time isn't required. For example bridal party photos or cake cutting. If you require a longer burn time, we would recommend our long and extra long sparklers. 

The Specs

Our shorter style sparklers have a 45 second burn time. 


Sparklers cannot be sent overseas or Express due to regulations. If you add sparklers to your cart, your shipping will default to regular post at checkout. Please contact our team if you require multiple shipments

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I need to buy sparklers for my wedding?
Sparklers provide the ultimate 'wow' factor.

There are so many times throughout the day that we would recommend for your sparkler moment. Including; the cake cut, the first dance or your exit from the reception space.
How long do the sparklers burn for?
Here are the burn times of our 4 x different sparkler lengths;

25cm - 45 seconds burn time

42cm - 1.5 minutes burn time

55cm - 2 minutes burn time

70cm - 2.5 minutes burn time
What is the best way to light the sparklers?
We recommend using a heavy duty lighter on no more than 2 x sparklers at a time. As the width of the sparkler is quite wide, normal matches or lighters will struggle to light them quickly. We also recommend that you have several heavy duty lighters ready to go.
I don't live in Australia, are you able to ship the sparklers to me?
Unfortunately, we can only ship this product within Australia. If you have them in your cart and are from outside Australia, you may not be able to check out.

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