We would love to offer you an invitation to sign-up to our affiliate and/or wholesale program. We have detailed both options below so you can see which one might work best for you & your business!
We can set you up a link for your website and socials, and any visitors that came to our site using this link will have a cookie embedded for 28 days. If they make a sale on our site within those 28 days, you will receive a 5% commission on the sale. We can also set you up with a discount code, so whenever someone uses the code you will also receive a 5% commission on the sale. They will also get a 15% discount on the sale which is a great little add on for your clients! They can either use the link or the code, both will display as a sale. You will be able to track all your unique visitors and sales on your dashboard, and your commissions will be paid out at the end of each month.

Our wholesale accounts are completely free to set up, and you will receive wholesale pricing on our products which is 40% off RRP. You can then on-sell the products to your clients for RRP and keep the difference! We just require a minimum order value of $300 per order.

You can read a little more about our terms and conditions here.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@thewholebride.com with any questions or if you have any difficulties signing up!

Alice + Kristy x